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15 August 2014


Coffee Bar
Made With Paper by alimuratti


Coffee Bar

Made With Paper by alimuratti

9 August 2014

Fontface Ninja: a browser extension (Safari & Chrome) and bookmarklet to identify, test, and download font from websites.

Okay, I approve of this use for .ninja TLD. Although, that icon will work on any sites with that TLD.

8 August 2014

Milk jug lip comparison. Sunbeam vs Motta.

Milk jug lip comparison. Sunbeam vs Motta.

7 August 2014

Shia Labeouf

1 August 2014

31 July 2014

29 July 2014

My Ideal Smartwatch

Emphasis on watch.

  1. Design first. Think Omega or Breitling. It is fashion. I own a few watches, including a Speedmaster, a vintage Восток, and a several others. There were times where I pulled out my phone to check time while I wore a watch, and there were times I checked my watch for time when I’m holding my phone in front of me. Again, ultimately, it’s fashion.
  2. What bugs me about the Moto 360 design are the bezel, or lack there of. Watches have bezels, plus they could have hidden the crime of being not completely circular. Apple (if they were to make a watch instead of a wristband thingy) should have bezels, and let them function like iPod’s click wheel. It’ll be faster than flicking around a tiny screen.
  3. Going with the speed on previous point, all the actions on wrist need to be able to be done fast. If I need more than 30 secs diddling with my wrist to finish an action == fail.
  4. Great stand alone watch, regardless of companion devices.

17 July 2014

PaintCode: converts your images to code (with bezier path). It’s $100, but it’s practically using vector images with tiny footprint. It might be THE WAY to handle multiple screen sizes.

13 July 2014

If only St. Ali coffee tasted better. And that Matt Perger’s class doesn’t look like an Amway or Tupperware meetup…