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3 April 2014


This is one of those words I hear quite a bit, but don’t really understand the meaning. According to Wikipedia;

A fallacy is an argument that uses poor reasoning. An argument can be fallacious whether or not its conclusion is true.

Until I came across this post. The article is basically commenting on another Android vs iOS post from Medium.1

Here comes the fallacies;

If your iOS application requires two full-time developers, is it really fair to expect your Android application to require the same, even though the user base is four to five times as large?

Generally, apps still works regardless of the number of users. It’s even the same with web services most of the time, until you have multiple million users that is.

A translation consisting of 3000 words takes me about a work day. A translation of 12000 words takes me four work days. None of my clients expects me to translate 12000 words in the same amount of time as 3000 words without a serious degradation in quality.

Now this one is a biggie. Let’s assume he’s now arguing for the number of devices instead of user base, supporting 3 devices are easier than 12. While that is a fair assumption, in programming world, it’s not always true. A good Android developer should be able to support 12 devices as easy as 3 by using a good design pattern.2

Finally, here’s a message to y’all non-developers commenting on programming shit. If it requires a developer 5 days to make a certain app, adding another developer into the mix doesn’t make it twice as fast. If anything, it probably make it slower.3 Translation tasks definitely won’t work as programming analogies, where one can just split the 12000 words among two people and got it done twice as fast. The author really needs to stop doing it.

These sort of posts are probably the reason why people look down on Android fans.4

  1. Read this one instead. Much better reasoning. 

  2. Though limited to a more recent Android version. 

  3. Us developers, as a species, loves to argue. We argue because we can, and arguing on which approach to take on is much more fun than the actual implementation. 

  4. This is another fallacy example, by the way. 


1 April 2014


The Expert, A Hilarious Sketch About the Pain of Being the Only Engineer in a Business Meeting


28 March 2014

52 Days


The world is a better place with a relevant Microsoft. We’re all better off in that world. Great companies tend to do their greatest work when they’re being pushed by other great companies. I believe that for the past many years, Microsoft fell from the ranks of those great companies. They weren’t pushing anyone to do better work. Now they’re working their way back.

Wow, this coming from an Apple fanboy ;p I kid. I too am a fan of Apple and Parislemon. And I completely agree with this post, especially the first sentence I quoted there. I still think he’s wrong about Nintendo though.

28 March 2014

Quick updates

I haven’t been writing / releasing apps as much as I planned cause among other things, I got a corporate gig. Let’s do a rapid fire response to the recent tech news.

I cannot wait for my Game Frame.

Pono is bullshit.

Congrats, Oculus Rift on the $2b from Facebook. People need to chill out. Among other tech companies, Facebook has the best track record for not fucking shit up. Look at Instagram and WhatsApp.

I find it ridiculous that The Raid 2 was first released in Sundance before here in Indonesia.

And I’ll be heading to Melbourne in May for International Coffee Expo.


27 February 2014


An Animated Evolution of Cellphones Over The Last Forty Years

25 February 2014

24 February 2014